Our Mission
The RMHMovement Dance Roots Company is a performing arts organization for dancers and artists from diverse backgrounds that create works to promote diversity and cultural education within the communities we serve. The RMHMovement Dance Roots Company serves the public by educating youth and professionals on how African culture influences current contemporary dance styles and cultures of the African Diaspora. 

RMHMovement Dance Roots Company is which is also the home for its dance company, is founded by its Artistic Director and Choreographer Reegan Haynes in Los Angeles, CA. A team of versatile artists (dancers, actors, teachers, writers, and directors) dedicated to producing high quality productions and community events that have a positive and lasting impact on the communities we operate in. We currently offer the workshops/masterclasses, dance and theatrical productions in Los Angeles County, California  with strengths in various dance styles and acrobatics. “We don’t just dance, we get to the root of it!” We bring about cultural awareness and influence through the discipline of dance, using stage productions, workshops/classes, film, and empowering artists through mentorship. We serve our mission by building confidence and discipline, through the empowerment and mentorship of artists, so that the individual can realize their full potential in life, art, and community. The company developed out of the need to give artists a voice and a platform that truly enables them to express who they are culturally. RMHMovement Dance Roots Company is a dance company that uses Reegan Haynes’s AFRO FUZION™ dance classes, choreography and technique (est. 2013 by Reegan Haynes- consisting of an African dance base with hip hop, modern and contemporary dance styles influences to bring a solid awareness of the cultural influences of dance) to show and educate the world of the beautiful African cultures through the eyes of the African Diaspora. This dance style also empowers artists to go beyond industry trends, and find the soul of their own dance. As a company, we aim to celebrate who we are through dance, preserve unity, educate the community, and share that joy with the world. Though our passion, storytelling, the use of dynamic colors, personalities, costumes, and love, we hope to bring something different and much need to the World! Bridging the gap between the concert and commercial dance worlds, we think it is time for the world to experience something different, that encourages people from all walks of life! 

RMHMovement Dance Roots Company is a nonprofit public benefit corporation founded in California.